Equine Rehabilitation


Equine rehabilitation involves the use of core exercises, mobilization techniques, massage, structural balancing and other physical therapy techniques and modalities to facilitate the return to athletic function of a horse that has suffered an injury or debilitating illness. 

At a time when finding a sound competitive equine athlete-partner is difficult, time consuming, and costly, attitudes toward rehabilitating beloved and accomplished horses are changing. Improvements in research regarding equine sports injury and new technologies to assist in rehabilitation are fueling interest as well. Although rehabilitating injured horses has had questionable success in the past, the future is looking ever better. A well-developed and systematically-followed rehabilitation plan can return injured horses to work and competition, sometimes at even higher levels than pre-injury.

Rehabilitation is a passion at The Right Touch. If your horse has had a career-threatening injury, or is not performing at previous levels, or just has an attitude problem that may be attributable to physical issues, let Th Right Touch help. I have had success with kissing spine, "head shyness," weak hind ends, and many other issues. I utilize collaboration with your veterinarian, farrier, dentist, and chiropractor to develop the most effective treatment plan possible and oversee and assist the implementation of that plan.