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For more than 25 years of working with horses, my desire has been to enable these magnificent athletes to perform the work they were bred, trained, and love to do. I've managed and trained performance horses in the disciplines of jumping, dressage, and racing. In the process, I have found soundness and fitness issues to be both interrelated, and crucial to the horse's performance. Achieving and maintaining optimum performance requires a systematic and collaborative approach.  I believe equine sports massage, rehabilitation, and Dino Fretterd's Balanced Equine Structural Therapy can be combined to create an approach uniquely supportive to a balanced training program. This combination maximizes performance and longevity through fitness, correctness, and sensitivity to the horse's mind and conformation. The Right Touch provides owners, trainers, and horses with a best practices approach for supporting their athletic endeavors.

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The Right Touch

301 County Route 27, Ancram, New York 12502, United States


301 County Route 27

Ancram, NY  12502