The first time in his life that my 13 year old warmblood gelding did an automatic lead change was the day after his first massage with Noni Van Son. My new trainer had worked with him for 6 months, and she was getting frustrated, thinking he was lazy and possibly sore. I had his hocks injected twice and that did not help at all.

 When Noni came for the first visit, in addition to working intensely on my horse, she explained to me what she was doing and what she was finding. This generosity cost her two and a half hours of her time, for which she charged her standard rate for one massage. The next day in my lesson he did several flying lead changes. I almost fell off from shock!

 Since that time, he has had regular work and training, excellent supplements, two chiropractic/acupuncture treatments (which Noni recommended) and bi-weekly massage. We have not had to inject his hocks again and the chiropractor has not had to see him again. He will be 14 this spring, and we hope that taking such excellent care of him will keep him sound and happy for many years.

 Working with Noni has dramatically changed my horse's life, and mine, in wonderful ways. She truly has the magic touch, plus a lot of knowledge, and a love of her work.

 Polly Rogers, Owner

Rhinebeck, NY



Dear Noni, 

This is a huge thank you for your wonderful care  and concern for my horse recently.  Your treatment of Craniosacral  Therapy and kinesiotaping gave him such relief from the tense and  painful circumstances he was experiencing.  

About two weeks prior  to your visit he had presented with cow pie manure and decreased  appetite and was evaluated and treated by a DVM. Those symptoms had not  resolved at the time of your visit and he had become progressively more  uncomfortable despite DVM care.  

On the day of your visit, you  offered Craiosacral Therapy and kinesiotaping to address the tenseness,  severe discomfort and overall feeling just plain lousy.  

These  therapies were done on 2 consecutive days. After the first treatment  there was some relaxation and he seemed more comfortable but not up to  eating or drinking. The next day with the second treatment the results  were amazing. He was far more relaxed and actually ate a small meal with  gusto. Later that day he was diagnosed with Right Dorsal Colitis and  treatment begun. 

I credit you and your application of  Craniosacral Therapy along with kinesiotaping for giving my horse much  needed respite from the painful symptoms he was experiencing. The  results from these therapies are very impressive and I am so glad you  have added them to your arsenal of “tools”


An Update from Mary:

Hi Noni

No need to respond. I know you're up to your eyeballs. But wanted to give a big thumbs up for the craniosacral work you did yesterday for Elkorr. His attitude appetite manuring and overall feeling pretty good makes my heart sing. His breathing  is slightly better as well. In fact if I could take the breathing issue out of the equation I would say he is A+ for a 31+year old. I realize this may just be his last hurrah but today I am happy.

Thank you over and over!!!



In mid August of 2011, Zeke foundered in reaction to steroids he was given to relieve significant and persistent hive reactions. He was treated immediately by our veterinarians with normal protocols for laminitis and shod by our farrier with Steward clogs on both front feet every 4 weeks. He was stalled for over 7 months while recovering.

From August 2011 thru August 2013, Noni Van Son worked on him regularly to help him initially remain as comfortable as possible and subsequently to help him return to competition as a carriage driving horse. Zeke was particularly uncomfortable in his hind quarters as the result of trying to relieve as much pressure on his front end as he could.

After after 8 months in clogs, he was transitioned to flip flop shoes. Through regular core exercises prescribed by Noni and regular evaluation and treatment by her over this entire recovery period, gradually Zeke was returned to work as a sound driving horse.

In June 2013, Zeke won the 2 Phase Training level Championship at Orleton Farm Carriage Show. Zeke followed that with a Novice Single Horses Championship win at Vermont Heritage Days.The New England Regional Morgan Show in Northampton, MA was Zeke’s next stop where he earned the following ribbons: 1st Reinsmanship, 1st Training Arena Driving Obstacles, 1st Arena Driving Dressage Training Test 2, 1st Arena Driving Timed Cones, 3rd Limit Working, 2nd Limit Turn Out, 1st Limit Fault and Out, 1st Limit Time Competition, 1st Scurry, 1st Limit Super Reinsmanship, 3rd Working Championship, 2nd Preliminary Test 4. Zeke was crowned Arena Driving Training Champion and Limit and Division High Point Champion.

 THANK YOU, NONI! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Jeff Morse

Green Meads Farm

Richmond, MA


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