February 4, 2017: Pony Club Clinic organized by Katie Smith and friends. We worked on functional assessments and techniques to address postural deficits. Aside from being  VERY cold, it was lots of fun.

Events of 2015

February 9, 2015: Noni conducted a volunteer training for the Therapeutic Equestrian Center (TEC) in Cold Spring, New York. The training included functional assessments of common postural deficits and treatment approaches to correct them.  

March 9 and 10, 2015: Noni conducted a workshop for the managers (Anne and Michael) of Little Bit of Heaven horse rescue in North Lawrence, New York.  The training included functional assessments of common postural deficits and treatment approaches to correct them. This was a fairly in depth workshop.

Special News 2015: April 23, 2015, Noni participated in the 6th Annual Symposium on Therapeutic Advances in Animal Rehabilitation. She  participated in the following workshops:

(1) Use of Motion Palpation Exam to Localize and Treat Sport Horse Lameness and Performance Deficit

(2) Equine Stifle Dysfunction and Poor Hind End Impulsion: Evaluation and Treatment

May 4-8, 2015: Dino Fretterd came to New York to provide the Level 2 of Balanced Equine Structural Therapy to Noni and another student, Mayan Moshe, who is from Israel.  Many of Noni's clients volunteered their horses to participate in the training, and for this, she is very grateful. It was a grueling 5 days, but worth it.

Special News 2014: Noni obtained training in balanced equine structural  therapy (b.e.s.t.), level 1, at Dino Fretterd's Institute of Bodywork in Norco, California. She is excited to be able to offer this new tool for helping your horses.

June 10, 2014: Noni was interviewed and the results were posted in the Equss blog. Check it out!

 Clinics and Presentations: 2014

November 10, 2014: Therapeutic Equestrian Center of Cold Spring, New York and the Putnam Horse Council partnered to present a clinic by Noni VanSon. The clinic will be held at TEC from noon to 3PM. The focus of this clinic will be on assessing posture and movement and learning techniques to improve both through massage, standing exercises, and structural balancing

Admission is free and refreshments will be provided. For more information please visit:

April 12, 2014: Mid Hudson Driving Association. Noni presented "Maintaining Sport Horses With Massage and Core Exercises." This was an interactive clinic with participants bringing their horses for assessment and practice of the core exercises deemed appropriate for the individual horse. The clinic included a PowerPoint presentation, group assessment and discussion of the horses' issues, and hands-on practice of the exercises by participants on their own horses.  The address of the location of the clinic is: 330 Goshen Turnpike, Middletown, New York.The MHDA website address is:

Clinics and Presentations 2013 

August 3, 2013: Southern Dutchess Pony Club at Five Star Farm in Rhinebeck: Noni provided a presentation on massage and the core exercises to "pony clubbers" and even some adults. One horse was assessed and the core exercises were demonstrated. The audience was enthusiastic and the horse was a star at all the exercises.

April 13, 2013: Colonial Carriage and Driving Society Spring Seminar: 
Noni provided a practicum on the core exercises in the indoor arena. One horse was assessed and the core exercises were explained and demonstrated. The audience participation was lively and a few people tried their hands at obtaining the desired core exercises from the very agreeable horse. The focus of the Spring Seminar was optimum conditioning of horse and rider for competition. In addition to Noni, the speakers included Jeff Morse, Marc Johnson, and Carol Stoddard. The Spring Seminar was located at Orleton Farm, 31 Prospect Hill Rd., Stockbridge, MA.  

March 9th and 10th, 2013: Dressage4Kids WEP was filled with interesting and informative presentations as well as very nice people....despite the necessity of rescheduling because of weather. The group attending Noni's presentation of "Maintaining Sport Horses Through Massage and Core Exercises" was very interactive, making for considerable sharing of information. After the presentation Noni was interviewed and these are excerpts from that interview:

Clinics and Presentations 2012

In 2012, The Right Touch provided four clinics at private stables and one at a discipline conference, which were fun and well received. In fact, two of the five were by repeat invitation!

December 3, 2012: SUNY Cobleskill: Maintaining Sport Horses with Massage and Core Exercises. This clinic was not The open to the public.


More News


August 29, 2019: First day of teaching at   SUNY Cobleskill: Equine Integrated Bodywork. Students are excited and we have wonderful horses to work with!

July, 2019: Congratulations to Jeff Morse and Luke:

Luke won 2 reserve championships and one championship at New England Morgan. he smoked everyone in a big long cross country obstacle course by a LOT. Time allowed was 2:19 he did it in 1.21 and beat the next closest horse by 17 seconds.

August 24, 2019: The Right Touch has been asked to present at the Dutchess County Fair this year.  The presentation will be about recognizing postural deficits and deciding what to do about them. Our presentations will be at roughly 1PM and 4PM on Saturday, August 24th. Brianne and I will both be there.  The location is an equine education tent near the horse show area , called Hands on Horses. Come by and see us!

July 17, 2019: I want you to welcome Brianne Valentino to The Right Touch as my new apprentice. Brianne has been a valued client of The Right Touch. She owns Lance, who suffered a shoulder injury and emotional trauma. He could not stay in a stall even for a few minutes and he was extremely fearful. Initially we used craniosacral therapy on him to alleviate the emotional trauma so that he could stay in a stall some and give his shoulder a much needed rest, but more importantly, enabled us to do more traditional bodywork and physiotherapy. Brianne was dedicated in learning the techniques to help Lance, and it became obvious to me that she had a wonderful eye for the bodymechanics of his lameness. She brings positivity and humor to the work as well as dedication. I'm looking forward to everyone getting to know and appreciate her!

April 20, 2019: I just found out that my equine bodywork course at SUNY Cobleskill  filled, actually maxed out, by noon of the second day of registration. Lynn Dunn, the chair of the department said that the students are very excited and we are on for the Fall!

As of the Fall of 2019, Noni will be teaching her unique equine bodywork at SUNY Cobleskill! The course will be called Equine Integrative Bodywork and will be a certification course as well as be worth 3 credit hours toward an equine science degree!

Cranialsacral Therapy Certification

Noni has completed the cranialsacral therapy certifcation. Here is one of the case study videos from the certification process: