Investment Opportunity

Equine Rehabilitation Facility Investment Opportunity


 Although excellent veterinary care is available for horses recovering from injury, what currently exists as the rehabilitation process is often less than what is required for a 1200-pound athlete to return to work successfully.  To address this situation, I am proposing a rehabilitation facility, which will provide cutting-edge equine rehabilitation services, managed by someone experienced and trained in the field of equine rehabilitation. This combination will be unique in the northeastern US.  Using the most current equipment and knowledge of best practices in the field, this facility and staff will provide superior rehabilitative services to improve the recovery prognosis and performance of equine athletes.

The facility will consist of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, an above-ground water treadmill that also functions as a chilled salt water spa, a vibration plate, therapeutic laser, and ultrasound. The staff will be well trained and professional with goals of excellence and continuous improvement. The management and staff will encourage and facilitate collaboration among equine professionals to provide the best care available for injured equine athletes.

The facility will be located in the Hudson Valley of New York. This location is near eastern Connecticut and Massachusetts and convenient to New Jersey via the New York State Thruway. The customers for this facility consist of sport and race horse owners and trainers with referrals coming from veterinarians. Significant interest in the facility has already been expressed by well-known veterinarians and trainers.

We are currently seeking investors to participate in this project.  For more information contact me by phone or email.